About us

Easy Adaptors is a company that supplies the Hospitality Industry with creative solutions for its customers. With a wide range of products including Travel Adaptors, USB Multi-Phone Chargers, Shaving Kits and Dental Kits, our aim is to offer a Travel Experience “Without Limitations” for your customers.

We sell these products through our Vending Machine solutions that are completely FREE for your business and not only that, but also you will enjoy a direct commission on every sale made. As well, our products are available for resell if you prefer to sell them directly. With FREE delivery nationwide and Next Day customer care for our vending machine solutions, we offer simply the best available price and quality in the Irish and UK market

Join us now to our HAPPY CUSTOMERS FAMILY for a Travel Experience “Without Limitations”.


Omar Darouiche
Company Director

Our Products comply with the following certifications:
International Electrotechnical Commission Standards: IEC 60884-2-5:1995, IEC 60884-1:1994
And their equivalents: 
British Standards: BS 1363 – BS5733
Irish Standard: I.S. 401:1997


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